Other Services and Benefits

Other Services

    • Save into your account by dialing *847*24# or through M-PESA Pay-bill Number  542431 ANYTIME ANYWHERE
    • Dial *847*23# to disburse your loan directly to your M-PESA account
    • Dial *847*26# to Re-Pay your loans directly from your M-PESA
    • Create a group (s) and invite your family and friends to join
    • Lets’ your loan be guaranteed on the phone. Dial *847*28# to nominate the guarantors (from groups, family and friends you have invited)
    • Customer care service availability 24/7, through calls(0703012200), Facebook (Digital Sacco) and email (info@digitalsacco.com)

Benefits of Joining Digital Media Sacco

Paperless transaction. Every transaction is done through the phone.

  • Anytime any day, anywhere availability, through calls(0703012200), Facebook (Digital Sacco) and email (info@digitalsacco.com)
  • Faster way of saving *847*24#
  • Diverse loan products to suit your need and to choose from
  • Low interest rate on our loan products
  • Faster turnaround time on loan processing and disbursement.
  • Simplified On phone loan guaranteeing process
  • Create groups without group certificates
  • You can belong to as many groups as you so wish
  • Invite your friend, family member, colleagues and workers to be your possible guarantors
  • Deposits shall attract Interest on Deposits in the event the Sacco makes good profit
  • Shares earns dividend in the even the Sacco makes good profit.

Key Problems that digital Sacco will address

Problems Solutions Digital Sacco ltd Offers to its members
Regional Saccos –          Exclusively to all citizens across the Country (Anybody can join as long as you have a Registered Phone Number)
Use of paper work –          Paperless way of accessing our products and services.

–          No forms to be filled for registration and any service

Common bond principle of Saccos –          Anybody can join whether employed or Not.

–          You don’t have to belong to any industry or agricultural sector to be a member

Guarantors headache –          Register your Friends, Family Members, Chama/group members who will serve as your guarantors

–          Nominate your guarantors over the phone wherever they are at any time as long as they are Digital Sacco Members

Loan Turn-around time/ longer duration to get loan –          Our loan as ready for you as soon the application process is complete

–          Every loan is applied for through the phone