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Dial *847*25# and start saving
immediately after registration

Get a loan

Get a loan based on what you have been saving or nominate a guarantor and get the loan


Dial *847*30# to pay membership fee
Dial *847*25 to save
Dial *847*1# to get a loan
Dial *847*27# to nominate a guarantor

Save your money securely

Get a loan instantly after registration according to yor savings

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The paperless
Join us today by dialing *847#

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shamba people
Mr & Mrs Wafula
have received their devolpment loan
to improve their farming Join them

Dial *847*1# and choose the development loan and get upto 3x of you savings

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Are you a student?
jijenge na jisort
loan sasa

Fast, Easy & Convinient
with an interest rate of 4% reducing balance


You don't have
to be employed
to join Digital Sacco.

Dial *847#

Get your biashara loan now.
Dial *847*1#

All you need is Kshs.500 /- membership fee (reg fee 200/-; 300/- for 15 shares @20/- each) and you become the newest member of our sacco

Deposit to Paybill No: 542431
Acc No: Enter your phone Number

Thinking of investing
try our investment loan
and get upto 5x of your savings

Simply Dial *847*1#
and choose the investment loan

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Back office sacco activities (BOSA)


Short term loan facilities

These include: Jipange loan, Emergency loan &
Student/jisort loan


Long term loan facilities

These include: School fee loan, Biashara loan,
Development loan & Investment loan

We give you a new and unique sacco


Here are reasons why

  • Available & convenient: Save and borrow anywhere, anywhere
  • Paperless: All transactions done on phone
  • Fast & convenient: Get a loan as soon as you complete the application process
  • Affordable loan facilities: Low interest rates
  • Flexible: Ability to save & pay in installments before due¬† date at members comfort & covenience
  • Profitable: Attractive dividends every financial year

Steps on how to join

  • Dial *847#
  • Select language
  • Enter your full names
  • Enter your ID No.
  • Enter your postal or E-mail Address
  • Enter your monthly pledge amount
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • You can also access our sacco services from our Digital Sacco Mobile app download it from Google play store

How to make any payment

  • Go to M-pesa
  • Lipa na M-pesa
  • Select paybill
  • Enter Business No. 542431
  • Enter your phone number(acts as account number)
  • Enter desired amount
  • Enter m-pesa pin
  • Confirm transaction. Press Ok


We offer a flexible saving account which will enable you save regularly and secure a quick personal loan 24/7. With our fixed saving account, you will earn the most competitive yet reasonable interest in the market. All savings are 100% insured.


Join the thousands of Kenyans with a Digital Sacco account

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